Why choose BrightScore Academy?

Why choose BrightScore Academy?

Brightscore academy provides your child with the skills needed to thrive in their areas of interest. Our volunteers teach based on experience and extreme passion and provide your child with noteworthy tutoring at no cost.

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Our Mission

We want to emphasize the importance of a deeper and more conceptual understanding as opposed to memorization. Our goal is to make sure each individual child can understand the material so well that they can ultimately teach it to others. In fact, our slogan is “be able to learn it today and teach tomorrow.” We don’t want Brightscore to be an average tutoring institute, we want to create a cycle in which our students share their knowledge and ultimately allow others to grow alongside them.

Our Vision

Currently, on June 12, 2020 we have reached about 170 students across America. We won’t stop here however, we are determined to help every student that is willing to go beyond the textbook and invest in their learning. No matter the financial status, race, age, etc. we want all of our students to be provided the same advantages, which is a huge reason why our Academy is 100% free.

For more information visit the about page on our website: brightscoreacademy.org