About Us

About us

Welcome to BrightScore

The main goal of this organization is to provide opportunities for students to grow in their areas of interest while learning how to work with others. We believe that communication is an important skill to have in order to grow yourself. In addition to being educational, our classes are interactive to teach students how to share and receive ideas. We like to say, "Be able to learn it today, and teach it tomorrow". Teaching requires an in-depth understanding of the concepts. Sometimes, students will ask questions that the teacher may not even know. This is a growing experience for both the teacher and the student.

We believe that developing a conceptual understanding is very useful. This involves understanding WHY something works instead of simply memorizing it. This type of learning is a great way to prepare for challenges and will allow students to answer questions no matter which way they are asked. Therefore, we teach students to develop a conceptual understanding.

Our volunteers have a passion to give back to the community. These volunteers have been given great opportunities throughout their schooling, which has brought them to where they are today. They want to provide these opportunities for younger children. Join us in learning how to communicate your ideas and learn conceptually. Like we say, be able to learn it today and teach it tomorrow.


Why Choose Us

We will provide you with the skills needed to thrive in your areas of interest. Our volunteers teach based off of experience and their passion motivates them to teach this class. Plus, it's free!


Our Mission

We want to emphasize the importance of conceptual understanding instead of simply memorizing and using formulas. We also wants students to learn how to communicate their thoughts and ideas.


Our Vision

We want to expand this academy to many more students who are willing to develop skills in their areas of interest. Our students should be excited to go above and beyond what is taught in school.

Featured Volunteers

Meet Our Volunteers

Baano Golawala
Anshuman Seetharaman
Technology Director
Rohith Karthik
Volunteer Director

What they say

"I thought it was very engaging for the kids because it was presented in a fun and exciting way. They felt like they were playing games not learning math. I highly recommend the class!"


"Deeksha's classes are very creative, fulfilled, and encouraging. She interacts to us in a way that gives us confidence and also makes us think beyond the class. I always look forward to her exponents classes which were helpful to me...I look forward to having the fun-filled classes again."


"I’m in the math, creative writing, and robotics programs at Bright Score Academy. I have progressed so much in my experience and it was for FREE. I love the classes to begin with, but the teachers are so nice, caring, and take the time to teach you. This program is for kids of all ages, and I recommend this program to anyone and is better than school!! I give this amazing program 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!"


"Brightscore Academy has been a great learning experience and has prepared me for middle school math with its great structure and fantastic teachers."


"Thanks a lot to BrightScore Academy. I am very grateful to Varshini Venkat for teaching me Chess basics. She is excellent teacher."


"BrightScore academy was a great learning experience and I'm glad I took it. It was useful in many ways and I am now prepared for math in 7th grade."


"My experience at Brightscore Academy was phenomenal. I took various math classes and I also took a robotics class and a chess class. The program was really beneficial to my education. The classes were really interactive. We also did lots of games like kahoot. The teachers were really nice and caring. I would recommend this program to people of all ages."